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Performance Improvement Council
The Nursing Performance Improvement Council is responsible for the oversight of all quality and improvement activities for Nursing Services.

The Nursing Performance Improvement Council's activities are based on an integrated organizational model. Individual nursing department/units and services are responsible for their own performance improvement activities that articulate with this council's standards. Its activities are reported to the Nursing Executive Council. Its findings are referred to the Nursing Practice Council and/or the Workforce Strategy Council for action and implementation.

The Nursing Performance Improvement Council will facilitate the professional development of nursing staff and foster excellence in nursing practice by ensuring that all practices, standards and activities are evidence based and commensurate with community and regional standards of care. Activities of this council include competency oversight and outcome indicator monitoring. Activities will:

  • Ensure nursing practice is evidence based and/or congruent with or leading to community and regional standards.
  • Facilitate the nurse's utilization of human and material resources to provide quality cost efficient care.
  • Monitor and define the clinical and leadership development of the professional nurse.
  • Are consistent with internal standards and standards promulgated by appropriate professional organization, community and regional standards, and accrediting and regulatory agencies.
  • Link to the Nursing Practice Council and the Workforce Strategy Council through the Nursing Executive Council (NEC).
  • Link with department and/or unit-based councils.
  • Interface with the medical staff and other clinical and support services.
Responsibilities and Functions
The Nursing Performance Improvement Council is responsible for ensuring that nurse competence and practice are designed and measured to ensure patient safety as well as the highest quality care available at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital.

This includes but is not limited to the coordination and oversight of the following processes:
  • Research and design career options with commensurate progression of responsibility and recognition for clinical, educational, research and management areas of nursing.
  • Respond to patient, physician or other clinical service issues or complaints through the development of focus monitors or process improvement teams.
  • Respond to sentinel events that require a coordinated response from the nursing service as requested.
  • Design and ensure the implementation of the nursing performance improvement plan on an annual basis.
  • Monitor outcomes of the performance improvement program and recommend to the Nurse Practice Council changes in practice, standards, nursing education or policies and procedures as a result of the findings.
  • Monitor the participation of the nursing service in external indicator monitoring programs to include Cal NOC and the ANA nursing outcome indicator program.
  • Recommend the most effective utilization of nursing skills according to the level of clinical competence with the goal of enhancing the quality of patient care and nursing practice.
  • Recommend career pathways and educational training for nursing to advance within the scope of nursing practice and competence.
  • Provide input into position descriptions and an objective evaluation system by identifying specific criteria for job expectations for each level of advancement.
  • Collaborate with the Nursing Practice Council, Nursing Workforce Strategy Council and the NEC.